Yapay Zeka, Makine Öğrenmesi, Tahminleme, Optimizasyon, İleri Analitik ve Yazılım araçlarını kullanarak, şirketlerin ve kamu kurumlarının İnsan Kaynakları, Üretim, Pazarlama, Satın Alma, Finans gibi alanlarda kuruma özel amaçlar doğrultusunda doğru ve etkili kararlar vermesini sağlayan karar destek sistemleri geliştirir.

We transform
data into information
and information into value.



Datafors develops decision support systems using artificial intelligence, machine learning, optimization, advanced analytics, and software development algorithms to help private or public institutions make correct and effective decisions along organization-specific goals in areas such as Human Resources, Production, Marketing, Purchasing, and Finance.

Datafors was established by Yavuz Acar and Recep Minga with the support of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and operates on the Boğaziçi University Technoparc in Istanbul.

Datafors offers tailor-made services to its customers, from private businesses to government institutions, in a wide range of sectors from services to manufacturing.

What is
Data Analytics?

“Veri Analitiği”, matematiksel ve istatistiksel ilintiler ve algoritmalar kullanarak büyük boyda ve ham verilerden değerli sonuçlar çıkarma yöntemdir.

Data Analysis Process

“Data cleaning and correction” is the correction and cleaning of data stored in different locations using different formats.

“Data visualization” is providing visual tools that will help managers and other data workers understand and interpret disorderly and complex data better.  destek olacak görsel araçlar sunmaktır.

“Forecasting” uses advanced analytical techniques to reveal the future states of an existing or alternative structure or system and ascertains their probabilities. It is the meeting point of classical statistical analysis with artificial intelligence. 

Forecasting services offer unrivaled opportunities by turning chances into advantages and eliminating possible losses by predicting threats. 

Why Datafors?

Making The Right Decisions

We offer decision support systems that enable correct and effective decision making at all levels of companies and public institutions. 

Productivity Increases

With advanced data analytics, we ensure that Human Resources, Production, Marketing and Purchasing processes become much more efficient and improve in the right direction.

Large Sales Increases

By processing past customer data with advanced data analytics, we ensure accurate customer profiling. We largely guarantee that the campaigns aimed at increasing sales reach their targets.

Accurate and Efficient Human Resource

By using machine learning algorithms, we support the determination of the right human resource/talent requirements of the organization of the enhancement of the existing human resource potential. 

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