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Sectors We Serve


Service Industry

One of the most valuable resources of the service industries is employees. In a competitive market, employees not only influence the institution's success, but also add a significant cost. While the institutions that retain their right employees gain a competitive advantage employees who quit work both increase costs and cause a rise in demoralization and reputational damage. Effective management of human resources is of great importance in today's business world where institutions follow low-cost policies. Institutions set aside large sums of money to strengthen various aspects of human resources. The global market for integrated talent management software alone is worth more than $6 billion. 

All HR systems begin by profiling the 'ideal employee,' that is, by creating a decent profile. At Datafors, we offer advanced data analytics-based solutions to provide projections of job performance and retention of current employees and prospects with various profiles by identifying elements connected to employee behavior and performance.

Using machine learning-based solutions expressly developed for the institution, we assist organizations in attracting, developing, and retaining the workforce they need, particularly in the following areas:

  • Effective recruitment by selecting the right people, 
  • Having the right personnel in the right position, 
  • Keeping useful personnel in the company, 
  • Making more effective decisions regarding human resources practices 
  • İnsan kaynakları personelinin daha verimli görevlendirilmesi.