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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Talent Management Analytics

“Talent Management Analytics” is our solution which uses Machine Learning algorithms to help organizations determine their human resource needs correctly, increasing and enhancing their existing human resource potential. 

The most important assets of an organization are its human resources. Especially in organizations with a large employee base, even small increases in employee productivity can have major financial consequences. Another important issue in such organizations is ensuring employee loyalty and integrating them into the organization. Our advanced data analytics of personnel data help organizations make the right decisions to ensure effective hiring, increase employee productivity and loyalty. Datafors transforms personnel data into high value with its “Talent Management Analytics” solution.

Improving recruitment processes:  The correct determination of the ideal employee profile is extremely important for institutions to deliver job announcements to the right target profile and to recruit the right people..

Estimation of job applicants' performance potential and commitment/dismissal risk:: Our machine learning-based solution performs the first stage of job application evaluations and suggests applicants to beevaluated for the second stage in the recruitment process.   

Evaluation of job applications: Our machine learning-based solution implements the first stage of applicant evaluations and provides suggestions about which job applicants should be evaluated in the second phase. Our solution can provide forecasts of an applicant’s potential performance, institutional loyalty, and risk of quitting the job.

Estimation of organizational commitment and risk of quitting for current employees: The performance of the existing employees can be tracked and their organizational loyalty can be predicted.  Certain patterns in the performance of an employee (such as a steadily declining performance) or certain employee characteristics may be factors/variables affecting organizational commitment and the risk of quitting the job.

Increasing the performance and job satisfaction of current employees: Knowing the ideal employee profile for different positions also helps with identifying training needs, career planning, improving job engagement, and partnering with the employee in creating value added value individually, as a team, and as an institution.

Performance monitoring:Our dashboards enable real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) and related forecasts used by organizations in human resource management.